Tama and Vasu at multipliCITIES Part 1 (Nov 02, 2016)

Tama Tsuboi opened the evening on November 2nd with a mesmerising solo vocal and guitar recital. Tama Stuboi at mulitipliCITIES Part 1 – Nov 02, 2016 (1) : Tama Stuboi at mulitipliCITIES Part 1 – Nov 02, 2016 (2): Vasumati started off the second half of the evening with an authentic Kathak recital to give the audience a taste of this pure classical Indian dance form. Vasumati at multipliCITIES Part 1 – Kathak recital (Nov 02, 2016): And then Tama and Vasu combined two different worlds – Kathak dance and Flamenco guitar – to present a spell-binding fusion performance. Tama […]

multipliCITIES 2016 – Artist Profiles

Hello Everyone! We are just a few days away now from our first event so we thought it would be a good time to introduce you to the artists who are coming together to make this event happen. (Event details available at the end of this page) ANIRUDDHA MALLIK (Photographer) I came to Japan almost 16 years ago and fell in love with this amazing country. And ever since I took up photography more seriously, walking around the streets of Tokyo and various other places capturing the diverse characteristics of each location has become one of my most exciting and […]

multipliCITIES: Photography, art, music & dance – November 2016

Amongst metropolises, Tokyo has an indecipherable quality to it, a je ne sais quoi that makes you hate it or love it, but never anything in between. It always seems the same and always new, it always seems to simultaneously throw you out and invite you in. It has a bit of every other metropolis, and nothing at all. We are a handful of foreigners who’ve been brought together by this eclectic, magic city, and this event is all about sharing with you the Tokyo we love through photography, music and art. Come and join us! We’ll show you some […]