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Hello Everyone!

We are just a few days away now from our first event so we thought it would be a good time to introduce you to the artists who are coming together to make this event happen.

(Event details available at the end of this page)



I came to Japan almost 16 years ago and fell in love with this amazing country. And ever since I took up photography more seriously, walking around the streets of Tokyo and various other places capturing the diverse characteristics of each location has become one of my most exciting and gratifying pursuits.

I grew up in the bustling metropolis of Kolkata (India) and Tokyo has been my home away from home. Through this exhibition, I hope to take you on a walk around this city that is always vibrant and never fails to surprise me even after all these years.


ALEX MUSTATEA (Photographer)


Part concert photographer, part teacher, part OL. When I’m not in a suit or in a classroom, I spend my time shooting the Tokyo indie scene or aimlessly walking around the city with a camera.

I came to Japan six years ago to study and I ended up never wanting to leave. First, it was the simple things – the convenience of living in Tokyo, the food, and the safety. Then came the poetry – the streets at night, the funky parties and the indie music scene, the crazily talented artists and friends who inspire me daily.




I was born and raised in Bucharest, Romania and have been living in Japan for 11 years.

My art work is influenced by the Japanese culture and environment and also by my parents, both of who were painters and artists. I started sketching 4 years ago. Through my art, mostly sketches of real life, I share the beauty of humanity, love and honesty.

TAMA TSUBOI (Musician)


A singer and guitarist by profession, Tama is one of the most passionate and exciting musicians you could meet in Tokyo. Originally from New Zealand, Tama has been in Japan for many years and along with his band mates Kai and Mike, he is part of an amazing group named SHAMANZ.

At this event, Tama will not only be performing his own songs, but with his Flamenco style guitar, will also be accompanying Vasumati Deshpande in an Indian classical fusion dance recital.


VASUMATI DESHPANDE (Indian Classical Dancer)


A young student in Tokyo, originally from the Western city of Pune in India, Vasumati started her tryst with “Kathak”, an Indian classical dance form, when she was just 8 years old. Under the guidance of her teachers in India and now in Tokyo (with Masako Sato sensei), Vasumati continues to evolve as a classical dancer. As part of her training, she has also attended several workshops conducted by the legendary Indian Kathak maestro, Pandit Birju Maharaj.

At this event, Vasumati will, for the first time, come together with Tama Tsuboi on the Flamenco guitar to deliver a fusion dance performance while staying true to her classical dance roots.



Musician, model (pinup model), Lindy hop dancer, chameleonic artist. One moment, you can see her at a street festival, dancing with her friends on the side of the street, and three hours later singing and playing with a top-level jazz band in a fancy live-house, yet she never seems out of place. That’s Ryoco, a warm-hearted, free-spirited and extremely creative  soul.

At this event, Ryoco will be performing with her highly energetic brass band that will have you moving and grooving in no time!



A maverick personality, few would guess that a rock musician with a growling voice like his could be as masterful with a paint brush in his hands. Ponzi is from the USA and now lives in Tokyo. You’ll find him at several events, with his canvas propped up on one side of the room, paints and brushes stacked up at his feet and just expressing his current state of mind through his painting while the musicians do their thing on the stage near by.

Facebook Page:

NASPY (Burlesque Dancer)



Naspy’s burlesque performances are absolutely electrical. She’s like a sexy fireball when she dances, with a body and posture to kill for, and she’s the sweetest of people in person.

COCO FLAME (Burlesque Dancer)

COCO Flame

メンバー全員がバーレスクダンサーで結成したバンドTHE TASSELSのギターとしても活躍中!

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multipliCITIES Event Information:

multipliCITIES Part I: Nov 02, 2016 (18:30 – 23:00)

Photo exhibition by Aniruddha Mallik & Alex Mustatea
Sketches by Sabina Yamamoto

Special performances by
Tama Tsuboi, on Flamenco guitar
Vasumati Deshpande, Indian classical fusion dance

Venue: Gyoen ROSSO 198, Shinjuku-gyoenmae, Tokyo, Japan (MAP)
Doors open at 18:30
Entry charge 1500 yen

multipliCITIES Part II: Nov 04, 2016 (19:30 – 23:30)

Photo exhibition by Aniruddha Mallik & Alex Mustatea
Sketches by Sabina Yamamoto
Live painting by Artist Ponzi

Special performances by
Music by Ryoco Monster and Funkup BrassBand
Burlesque performances by Naspy and Coco Flame

Venue: Gyoen ROSSO 198, Shinjuku-gyoenmae, Tokyo, Japan (MAP)
Doors open at 19:30
Entry charge 1500 yen

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